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#43473: Add default text for a privacy policy
 Reporter:  azaozz                             |       Owner:  idea15
     Type:  enhancement                        |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal                             |   Milestone:  4.9.6
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Comment (by danieliser):

 I didn't see it mentioned but during testing of integrating a real plugin
 I found that it seems out of order without some explicit filters for
 listing things like cookies.

 If I just append our plugin suggested text to the end and it has cookies,
 they will be separate from the "Cookies" section further up.

 Is there plans to implement something to the effect that we could register
 our cookies like the exporters?

 add_filter( 'wp_privacy_policy_cookies_list', function ( $cookies =
 array() {
     $cookies['cookie_name'] = [
         'label' => __( 'Cookie Label' ),
         'reason' => __( 'Used for reason x, y & z' ),

     return $cookies;

 The same would apply to several other sections. I think outputting those
 into a simple 2 column table would be easy to work with, clean output and
 easy enough for plugins & themes to integrate with.

 You could do similar and register user meta info collected, or even
 specific analytics plugins could output label and info on how they use the
 data directly under the Analytics heading.

 Monster Insights, for instance, might add

 - **Google Analytics:** Tracks visitor engagement with the site
 anonymously for use in marketing & improvement.

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