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#43809: Add personal data from posts to personal data export
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Comment (by mnelson4):

 Replying to [comment:29 allendav]:
 > @mnelson4 - data portability wasn't the intention for this feature -
 this was solely looking at Right of Access (Article 15).
 > For data portability (Article 20) right now I think we are relying on a
 combination of this right of access personal data export alongside the
 core WordPress export. This (data portability) is definitely a place I
 think we can iterate on following 4.9.6
 > I'm not even sure how to bound the data portability problem with respect
 to plugins yet :P Any ideas? Would a shopping cart plugin be expected to
 output order data in a format that other e-commerce platforms could use?

 Basically, yes I think for a shopping cart plugin that would probably
 include order data. As I understand it, it's basically all information the
 site has about that person and what they've done.

 The link I posted above gave some examples:

 > ...a data subject could, as the WP29 guidelines put it, be interested in
 retrieving a current playlist or history of listened tracks so they can,
 for example check how often they’ve listened to songs, find a few albums
 they might want to buy or listen to when using another platform.

 > ... Other examples include digital data regarding the books a data
 subject has bought via an online bookstore or general e-commerce platform,
 data regarding their contacts for which they use a certain application
 (and thus company and data controller) in order to prepare an invitation
 to an event with another platform, data regarding their energy usage (with
 the energy company as the data controller) to check out their carbon
 footprint, data regarding their location history from their service
 provider, their online search history, you can imagine ample more

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