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#40721: 4.8 About Page
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Comment (by francina):

 I re-read the text and here are some notes for your consideration.

 > Though some updates seem minor, they’ve been developed by hundreds of
 Core Contributors and Committers with you in mind. Get ready for new
 features you’ll welcome like an old friend.
 We should refrain from assuming what is minor or major. Core Contributors
 are not the only ones who develop, propose features, submit patches,
 report bugs and all the other things that go into a release.

 The first sentence and the opening of the second one could be combined. Do
 you think "Get ready for some exciting new features, developed by hundreds
 of contributors with ''you'' in mind" could work?

 > achievable for any WordPress user without hiring a developer. (Don’t
 tell them we told you that.)
 This sounds diminishing for developers and for users. Also I seem to
 remember we try to avoid the term users in favor of people or people that
 use WordPress.

 > This feature deserves a parade down the center of town.
 This could be removed altogether: the following sentence explains what the
 widget does and it's enough.

 > a more intimate welcome message
 Intimate? Sorry, no.

 > but try to use them for good!

 > (because you’re running updates and writing posts, right?)
 Hmm, not necessarly: it depends on your role in the website, each one has
 different capabilities.

 > New CSS rules mean extraneous content (like “Add New” links) no longer
 English is not my native language, so I might be wrong, but I think "need"
 should be "needs"

 And finally, to quote @iandunn comment in the GDoc:
 > I personally hate it when advertisements try to tell me what I need,
 because it feels condescending.
 I am not a podcaster, I am not a musician and yet I might find the audio
 widget useful. I don't want to add video to grow my personal brand or
 create trust: maybe I just want to add a video of my cat playing. Why
 would I want to add a headshot and brief bio? Why not a manifesto? Or a
 picture of my latest knitting project?

 The 28% of the web is made by loads of different people that use this
 great piece of software for different purposes: we should refrain from
 suggesting specific uses for features that are quite self-explanatory.

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