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#40907: Introduce widget dedicated for HTML code
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     Type:  feature request                      |  westonruter
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Comment (by slewisma):

 If the old text widget is released as a plugin, will it be the default
 widget that opens existing text widgets? If not, it is not a good solution
 as users will still not have a way to open the existing widgets to copy
 what is in there now out to put in another kind of widget. And having to
 move the contents of all text widgets that contain html, css or js to
 another type of widget will take millions of hours of admin time across
 the universe for no good reason other than working around a poor plan /
 decision / implementation?  Not a good way to go in my opinion. Meanwhile
 innocent admins that don't know better will break their sites and have to
 go searching for the solution. Also not a good plan.

 If the solution drops in and takes over the management of all existing
 text widgets and users have the option of replacing those with the new
 widget if they want rich text, that is preferred. But, really, wouldn't it
 be best to figure out how to make sure the one, single text widget can
 serve both needs? Many years of habits have admins everywhere using the
 text widget mostly to insert html and shortcodes in places they cannot
 reach with the visual editor. And it is useful to sometimes put html and
 inline css in the post and page editor too so the use of tinyMCE should be
 more friendly to embedded html/css/js/shortcodes all around. Again, my
 opinion, based on watching client editors and admins make mistakes often
 over not knowing what the visual editor will do to what they're inserting.

 Replying to [comment:46 alexvorn2]:
 > Replying to [comment:45 slewisma]:
 > > I've got three client sites mid-development that cannot continue right
 now because the "improved" text widget breaks the ability to edit a text
 widget at all if it is in a Toolset Layout as a single widget and regular
 use of the text widget in a widget area "eats" existing content when
 opening the widget for editing. Yes I can go find the widget contents in
 MySQL to try to salvage it and re-introduce it another way but that is not
 > Does the code breaks in Text Editor when you create a new post? Maybe
 that because how
 > wp_editor works, so that is the fault of the TinyMCE editor.
 > We could release the old Text widget as a plugin for everyone so your
 clients could continue work.

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