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#17246: Handling of HTTP 404 errors for non-existing files
 Reporter:  azaozz          |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement     |      Status:  closed
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Component:  Bootstrap/Load  |     Version:
 Severity:  normal          |  Resolution:  maybelater
 Keywords:  needs-patch     |     Focuses:  performance
Changes (by dd32):

 * status:  reopened => closed
 * version:  trunk =>
 * resolution:   => maybelater


 I'm re-closing this as `maybelater` as I don't think anything has changed
 here that gives any reason to look at it again.

 > I propose that we add a wp_abort_execution filter to the core, which
 would allow developers to tell Wordpress whether or not to load their

 If you wish to abort a request, you can simply call `die()` upon plugin
 inclusion if certain criteria are met, or you could delay it until
 WordPress is fully loaded (`init`) to allow other plugins to handle the
 request if they wish (Such as a stats plugin which wants to record all

 > Personally, I am now including a check in all of my plugins, after
 realizing the Wordpress process executes for all missing files referenced
 in client-side mark-up.

 I'd be very careful about doing that - It's expected that
 `/blah/blah/filename.jpg` be a request that's routed to WordPress and
 handled sometimes by plugins.

 Personally I see the bug being that either the server is routing file-
 requests to WordPress when you don't want it to, or that markup is being
 used which references invalid paths.

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