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#38329: Create positioning control for Custom Logos
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Comment (by celloexpressions):

 I'm still skeptical of whether this makes sense as a core-organized
 feature. It is not complicated for a theme to add these sorts of options.
 We really need to get theme developers on board with using the customize
 API rather than relying on increasingly-convoluted add theme support

 In order for this to make sense as a core option, we need to make the
 argument that there should be a unified experience for logo placement
 across themes. That requires a majority of themes supporting logos to use
 logos in a way that the design could accommodate the logo being positioned
 in different places, and the way those positions could be organized within
 the theme's design being similar across most themes. The first step here
 would be analyzing numerous (say, 20-100?) themes that have custom logo
 support and documenting what logo positioning options (if any) would make
 sense for their designs.

 Currently, most themes make a decision on logo placement based on what
 fits best with their design, rather than forcing users to contemplate
 another option. If we're going to add an option, there needs to be a
 demonstrated need for this in a majority of themes that support logos. I
 don't think I've ever seen a theme implementing their own option for this,
 which makes me doubt that there's a need for this in core.

 I will also note that I've never had a user want to move their logo around
 relative to the text - they usually liked it how the theme handled it or
 wanted to hide the text, which there's a checkbox for (when I was doing
 in-person support). If there is a demand for this, we should try to find a
 way to document that and determine whether it's a high enough percentage
 of users to justify the complexity of another option.

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