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#39641: Idea: Move "Updates" from "Dashboard" to "Tools"
 Reporter:  johnjamesjacoby  |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement      |     Status:  new
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 When plugin/theme/core updates are available, a new submenu gets added to
 `wp-admin` for "Updates." IIRC, this location was picked because for a few

 * Updates are important, so put them towards the top
 * There is no "Notification Center" so this is the next best place
 * This is the site communicating to the user, so "Dashboard" has a logical

 Revisiting this, having had this show up for myself recently, "Dashboard"
 suddenly felt... off...

 * Updating software in other large projects is actually a bigger deal,
 with dedicated top-level sections for managing it all
 * WordPress is logically progressing towards software updates being as
 invisible to the user as comfortably makes sense
 * "Dashboard" shouldn't be a dumping ground for "this has no other home"
 type pages
 * A "Notification Center" for individual users exponentially complicates
 how this interface works. Do "global" notifications exist? Does clearing
 it for one user clear it for all users? How do we re-check, without user-
 transients? Obviously, all of this is premature for this idea anyways...

 So, this got me thinking about our other ambiguously named top-level-menu
 item: "Tools"

 * Upgrades and updates are technically tools being ran with a mostly-
 acceptable interface on top of them
 * The "Available Tools" page is a pretty lonely place to be
 * Plugins already have started putting their own tools in that tools menu,
 so why not core?

 I'll attach a screenshot of a relocated submenu to help visualize, and
 please feel free to close this issue if the notion is premature or silly
 or whatever.

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