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#39519: Twenty Seventeen: Excerpt not showing
 Reporter:  Sheriziya                          |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)                       |      Status:  new
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 Severity:  normal                             |     Version:  4.7
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Comment (by Sheriziya):

 Replying to [comment:10 davidakennedy]:
 > Hey @Sheriziya! Thanks for the report!

 You're welcome
 > So, as far as I can tell from this ticket – no bugs exist. Everything
 you've pointed out works as it should, so long as I'm understanding
 everything correctly. I'll clarify a few things:
 > > The bundled theme 2017 doesn't show the excerpts despite setting the
 reading settings to show a summary on the feed.
 > This is true. As others have mentioned, that setting only effects RSS
 feeds, not the site itself.
 > > ... gives only the summary of the article on the page, suggesting the
 excerpt does work, but for some reason only on the search results (mind,
 still not on the blog page, archive page nor the category page!).
 > In Twenty Seventeen, the except shows in two places – on search results
 pages and on blog posts shown in the front page sections. This was mostly
 a design decision. To use it elsewhere, a child theme is needed.

 Personally I don't understand the decision not to show the excerpts when
 the blog page is not a section of the static front page, but at least it's
 clear now it's apparently working as it's intended.

 So, I should make a child theme only to have the excerpts show up on a
 blog page that's not a section on the front page. And this while the
 excerpt is already coded in the theme. Again, a weird decision. Like
 @evadillner already said above:
   But would it be that big a thing to add it? If I do a search the results
 return summaries with read more tags, so the code is already in the theme.
 I'm fairly technical but it seems a lot of work for each one of us to
 create a child theme and files when the basic template could add a couple
 of lines of code and fix the confusion.

 > Does that help? Is there anything I missed? If not, I'll close this
 ticket. I don't see the theme needing another option allowing users to
 control the excerpt or full content of posts.
 I guess @evadillner (and I'll add that as my remaining as well) question
 still stands: is it that big of a thing to make a (at least to us a
 seemingly) small change to something that's already coded in the theme,
 instead of forcing us to make a child-theme, figure out how on earth to
 manage this with a blog page that's not a section on static frontpage (I
 guess we'll have to figure out where the filtering is done (since when the
 blogpage is made a section of the static front page, the excerpts will
 show up) and how we should adjust this or something). TBH, I have no idea
 where to even start looking.

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