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#37923: Introduce shared wp_blogmeta database table for multisite installations
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 Keywords:  2nd-opinion         |     Focuses:  multisite

Comment (by iamfriendly):

 A list of all options created, by default, (4.7.1) when a new site is
 added to a network. Additionally, suggested candidates for what might move
 from `wp_#_options` to `wp_blogmeta` are indented and in bold.



 `admin_email` - getting a list of all site's default admins seems useful
 (we do it regularly, for example)
 `blog_public` - finding out which sites are public more easily seems like
 something that would speed up other queries for the REST API for example
 `blogdescription` - seems to go in parallel with other info currently in
 `blogname` - used in my-sites
 `db_version` - I could be dissuaded on this, but seems useful to check if
 all sites on a network are up-to-date
 `finished_splitting_shared_terms` - same logic as above, can be dissuaded
 `home` - my-sites
 `siteurl` - my-sites

 Whilst I can think of ways in which many of the other options would be
 useful, I've taken a somewhat minimal approach here to try and prevent a
 huge amount of data being transferred during the initial migration as well
 as simply polluting this new table.

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