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#35760: Provide API for TinyMCE editor to be dynamically instantiated via JS
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Comment (by azaozz):

 Replying to [comment:5 westonruter]:
 > The other option to move toward is inline editing within the preview
 itself. This needs to be explored regardless, but it doesn't really help
 solve the space constraint problem since text widgets would commonly
 appear in a theme sidebar location that is no wider than the customizer
 controls are, so there wouldn't be any extra room for the toolbars.

 Thinking this is the best option. It's true the space in the widget may be
 small/narrow, but that is exactly how it will look after saving. Then if
 the editor in inline, it will be the "perfect" preview (or rather "no
 preview needed" as the perception is that the "real thing" is being
 changed, not that there is an editor and separate preview) :)

 Second best imho is the "wide widget" from the above screenshot, if it
 doesn't cover the actual widget area. Then the editor would not need to be
 WYSIWYG and can probably have more streamlined UI / toolbars.

 > TinyMCE control could be a suitable drop-in replacement for the current
 textarea in the sidebar *if* the controls were very stripped-down to just
 have the most essential buttons (like bold, italics, and link).

 Yeah, that would work for places that need very "slimmed down" editor UI
 and/or support only few HTML tags. Then the editor configuration will have
 to be separate/JS only, as running the default PHP filters will add a lot
 of stuff from plugins that is intended for the Edit Post screen.

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