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#40599: Rename Subscriber Role
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 Subscriber is the lowest role in WordPress, and the default role for new
 registrations. Without being expanded by plugins, Subscribers can only
 edit their own profile and comment (if comments are restricted to
 registered users). Those capabilities don't really match with what the
 average person assumes "Subscriber" to mean.

 WordPress has never sent its own subscription content, and while in the
 past WordPress's users system was heavily used by subscription plugins,
 they all seem to have moved on to either their own external system or
 their own custom roles (disclaimer, I have not checked commercial
 subscription plugins).

 This can lead to a lot of confusion for a new user. "Why aren't my
 subscribers receiving my posts?" Well, because that's not what the
 Subscriber role is for.

 Since it would appear that subscription plugins have moved on from the
 Subscriber role, and that WordPress will likely never send its own
 Subscription content, perhaps it's time for WordPress to move to a name
 better suited to what the role is capable of.

 Joomla uses "Registered" for their lowest role, and that seems appropriate
 in this situation. You're not a Contributor, an Author, an Editor, nor an
 Administrator, you are simply registered.

 Other options to consider could be "None," "Restricted," "Limited,"
 "Commenter," "Member," "Basic," "User," etc. There are lots of potential
 labels that are more applicable to the Subscriber role as-is than

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