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#40541: ssh2 content folder issue - fix #34738 not working?
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 I have a setup with the ssh keys in the home folder and the actual WP
 installation under /var/www/[sitename].

 So far I used the SSH SFTP Updater Support plugin but that broke so I
 tried to use the ssh2 FS_METHOD.

 I now keep seeing the error: Unable to locate WordPress content directory

 I read about issues #32345 and #33919 and verified that my installation
 comes with the fix: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/34738

 Still, ssh2 is not working for me.

 I found a remark there:
 that says the function exists returns false when it should not, so maybe
 the fix is broken in certain cases?

 I use WordPress 4.7.4, Ubuntu 16.04, PHP 7 with SSH 2 (according to

 extension version: 1.0
 libssh2 version: 1.5.0
 banner: SSH-2.0-libssh2_1.5.0

 Not sure what enabling verbose did in class-wp-filesystem-base.php, but
 maybe I see the following info as a result?:

 Looking for /var/www/firsttechfirst.com/wp-content in /home/xyz/
 Looking for /var/www/firsttechfirst.com/wp-content in /
 Unable to locate WordPress content directory (wp-content).

 Wp FS Tester says the following:

 Connection Method       ssh2
 ABSPATH /var/www/firsttechfirst.com/
 PLUGINDIR       wp-content/plugins
 FS Errors       None
 FS CWD  /home/xyz/
 FS WordPress Locator    Looking for /var/www/firsttechfirst.com in
 Looking for /var/www/firsttechfirst.com in /
 FS WordPress Location
 FS0 WordPress Locator (Old code)        Changing to /home/xyz/
 FS0 WordPress Location (Old code)
 Tests Stopped; Error: WordPress could not be located    Files in folder

 Just to check I also tried the suggested change that would take the
 FTP_CONTENT_DIR into account and I got a different error in that case
 (something like: "Error: undefined") even though base, content and plugin
 dir were defined.

 I did check for similar tickets and obviously the support forums as well
 hope it is okay to create this. Thanks!

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