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#40527: Decouple WP_Customize_Manager
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 When you create multiple instances of `WP_Customize_Manager` it
 adds/removes multiple hooks in its constructor which should be executed
 single time.

 So let's say if I want to create two new changeset posts it I will do.

 $data = array(
 ... // Some changeset data.
 $manager1 = new WP_Customize_Manager();
 $manager1->save_changeset_post( array( 'data' => $data ) );

 $manager2 = new WP_Customize_Manager();
 $manager2->save_changeset_post( array( 'data' => $data ) );

 This will cause `wp_ajax_customize_save` to add twice with `$manager1` and
 `$manager2` it should add only once.

 `wp_ajax_customize_save` is a just example.

 See Constructor:

 So we should decouple `WP_Customize_Manager` class and maybe extract
 changeset methods in separate class `WP_Customize_Changeset`.

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