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#40359: allow arbitrary HTML attributes on <a> produced by Walker_Page
 Reporter:  pbiron         |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement    |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal         |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
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  Focuses:  accessibility  |
 {{{Walker_Nav_Menu}}} currently allows arbitrary HTML attributes to be
 added to the <a> tags it generates via the {{{nav_menu_link_attributes}}}

 It would be useful to do the same in {{{Walker_Page}}} (i.e., add a
 {{{page_menu_link_attributes}}} filter).

 My immediate need is to add "aria-current='page'" to the <a> tag for the
 current page in the output generated by {{{wp_page_menu()}}}.  But other
 potential uses would be to add "target='_blank'", etc.

 My current workaround is to subclass {{{Walker_Page}}}, duplicating
 {{{Walker_Page::start_el()}}} except for adding "aria-current='page'" when
 {{{$page->ID === $current_page}}}.  But that is far from ideal...as I will
 have to track changes to {{{Walker_Page::start_el()}}} in future released
 and update my subclass appropriately.

 There may be other places across core where a similar filter would also be
 useful (e.g., {{{Walker_Category}}}) and I'd be willing to look for those
 other places if my proposed addition to {{{Walker_Page}}} is accepted as a
 good idea.

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