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#38332: "Cheating" message insults; needs changing
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 "Cheating" is regarded as dishonest. Calling someone a cheat is hurtful if
 the accusation is not true.

 I develop with WordPress on my local machine. When I'm working on a
 WordPress problem I leave all my server and browser sessions open for
 hours at a time (and overnight), so that I can pick up where I left off.

 Once a day, I get the message "Cheating, are we?" (in en-GB; in en-US it's
 "Cheatin' uh?"), as WordPress automatically logs me out.

 It never ceases to annoy me to be unjustly accused of something I am not

 I would also bet that only a tiny minority of users are wilfully being
 dishonest when they get this message. Most will have got there by mistake
 or -- as in my case -- by WordPress design.

 It's a shame that a program that I like and respect treats its users this
 way. It's also a shame that it doesn't take the opportunity to explain
 what the message really means (by including, for example, something like
 "you've been automatically logged off") though I realise that the message
 may occur in many contexts.

 How about at least changing it to something less insulting?

 I would propose:

 > "I'm sorry USERNAME, I'm afraid I can't do that".

 This would:
 - Remove the insult;
 - Brighten our days by paying homage to a great film (RIP Stanley
 - Maintain a witty sense about it -- which I'm sure was the original
 intention with "Cheatin'";
 - Imply humility, as it subtly acknowledges that the refusal may be

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