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#38172: Enable Video Headers in Custom Headers
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Comment (by celloexpressions):

 Actually, the biggest compatibility issue in terms of styling is that most
 themes (including Twenty Seventeen, for now) don't have `max-width: 100%`
 on `video`. And because so many themes use header images as background
 images, I don't see a reasonable way to turn it on by default.

 For Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, or Fifteen, I don't think video makes
 sense with their designs based on the aspect rations (and in one case, the
 use as a background image). I'd prefer to see that added by a child theme
 if desired, because video doesn't seem like something every theme
 necessarily should support, similarly to how some of the default themes
 don't support logos. It should be the theme designer's decision.

 If we rendered it in JS, if we can prevent trying to load the video based
 on available screen size/bandwidth, I see benefit there. However,
 rendering from JS will likely add confusion to the PHP template tags that
 this introduces.

 I'm definitely opposed to making this external-only, or even having
 external support at all. Besides the implementation challenges, that goes
 against the notion of hosting and having complete control over your
 content. Since this is intended for shorter, design-enhancing videos with
 image fallbacks as opposed to strictly being content, I see this as a good
 opportunity to help push the web forward in terms of leveraging the fact
 that all current browsers now support a common file format, and hopefully
 in the future we'll have responsive video support as well. We can also add
 a `validate_callback` to the customizer setting to prevent using videos
 larger than a certain arbitrary size.

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