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#38276: "Is thing public" API
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Comment (by jdgrimes):

 Replying to [comment:3 PieWP]:
 > In regards of combining the {{{WP_Query}}} and the
 > Keeping the Query filter aligned with a custom callback as suggested is
 quite hard. You often have to modify the query in strange ways typing
 actual custom SQL; which in its turn might cause SQL errors for many
 reasons. In addition to that your callback gets modified by the entire
 codebase due to filters. So the callback you initially set up might easily
 dealign when installing other plugins who (unintentionally) dealign your
 {{{is_thing_accessable()}}} check.

 Yes, I had considered the possibility that this would require abstracting
 out SQL strings, though I'm not sure exactly what that would look like
 since I haven't investigated exactly what `WP_Query` is doing here (though
 I'm about to do that now).

 > //these are the issues I encountered with our client for whom we build a
 similar extension//
 > //p.s. I actually also don't trust other people with extending the Query
 / writing SQL, think of the SQL injections ;P//

 True, but filters already exist that pass in the raw query before it is
 sent to the database. Probably most devs who would break them horribly
 don't know that they exist though. So yeah, that may be ea valid concern.

 > == Alternative approach ==

 I don't think that approach would be feasible for WordPress core, because
 of the issues with making the binary tree stable, especially when plugins
 want to add their own rules.

 It is also a bit beyond what I was envisioning for this ticket. I wasn't
 really planning to completely change what WordPress looks at in order to
 determine whether a post is public, just to abstract that logic out so
 that it is more accessible. I hope such a fundamental change wouldn't be
 necessary, though perhaps it is. But if so, I have a feeling that the core
 devs would see it as too much work for too little benefit. As I
 investigate this further, I'll get a better idea of whether something like
 that would be necessary or not.

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