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#37974: Add multi-panel feature to pages through add_theme_support
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Comment (by karmatosed):

 During this week's meeting we narrowed the spec to focus on front pages.
 With that in mind I have created some mocks. Of course, this leaves the
 question of what about people wanting to have this on other pages, maybe
 as in meeting we discussed this is where content blocks come in. The work
 we're doing here can be seen as a step there but it should be ok to focus
 to get something that meets the need right now.

 The structure of this is based a lot on existing UI and after some
 extensive conversations, thinking and mock-ups, the best route felt this
 one. This does base on some functionality others have raised (that's on
 purpose), this couldn't have been created without everyone's great input.
 The path I am suggesting is a lot simpler than any examples suggested in
 this ticket on purpose. My hope is through simplification, rebranding as
 sections and and bringing into the front page settings, this will ease the
 issues of using an existing pattern for a slightly different function and

 There are some assumptions made in this design based on the conversations
 and trac ticket so far:
 - Only pages for now are being focused on as 'sections'.
 - Rather than calling pages, sections is used as adding a page to a page
 feels weird. This has a slightly clumsy implication in some areas, we can
 iron that out maybe.

 Big props and thanks go out to @melchoyce, @davidalkennedy and @folletto
 for iterating on this with me.

 There are 2 ways we can do this and both I have mocked. The difference is:
 - Panel to click into and show interface
 - Showing the interface on the settings page

 We need to decide which is the best route but the rest in both mockups is
 the same fundamentally.

 [[Image(https://cldup.com/EyEYW5acwz.png, 100%)]]


 [[Image(https://cldup.com/27kFCUXist.png, 100%)]]


 Feedback is welcomed. Just one tiny focus point, we do need to make a
 decision on this within the next week as to building. This is why the
 brief has reduced a little to give us something this release. This takes
 all the intentions and agreements on this being a good thing and
 potentially gives us something deliverable within the timeframe.

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