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#34936: Reconcile wp-settings-cli.php with wp-settings.php
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     Type:  enhancement          |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal               |   Milestone:  Future Release
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Comment (by jorbin):

 > * [ ] Core: Provide a way of forcefully bypassing `wp_maintenance()` so
 that WP-CLI can continue to operate when `.maintenance` exists.

 Could you override the `$upgrading` global and always force it to be more
 than 10 minutes old?  This will cause `wp_maintenance()` to always return
 even if `. maintenance` exists?

 > * [ ] Core: Provide a way of overloading `wp_debug_mode()`, which isn't
 called at all in wp-settings-cli.php.

 What is the rationional for skipping `wp_debug_mode()` in wp-cli? If it is
 to turn display errors off, could a constant be added to
 includes/load.php#L304 ?

 > * [ ] Core: Provide a way of forcefully skipping loading `wp-content
 /advance-cache.php`, which historically has caused problems with WP-CLI.

 Can you point out the wp-cli tickets that explain the historical issues to
 better understand this?

 > * [ ] Core: Provide a way to skip the loading of specific plugins and/or

 the `active_plugins` option could be filtered for plugins.

 For themes, I assume you mean skipping the active theme? What do you
 replace it with?   Are the `stylesheet_directory` and `template_directory`
 not sufficiant?

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