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#31406: Add new visibility type: Hidden
 Reporter:  intersol           |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement        |      Status:  closed
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Component:  Posts, Post Types  |     Version:  4.1
 Severity:  normal             |  Resolution:  maybelater
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Comment (by fastfastlane):

 This is a feature I would like to have for our Promotions page for our
 business website which is built using pages, not posts.

 As others on that discussion page that Intersol mentioned, there is a need
 for businesses using Wordpress to be able to hide pages so that they are
 only visible and accessible via shared links.

 We don't want every visitor to our website to see this Promotion, and we
 certainly don't want our competitors viewing these pages. That's like
 selling the store to the wolves to be publicizing company secrets to

 More and more businesses are rebuilding their websites on Wordpress to go
 mobile-friendly, and for a more affordable method of doing so. It's how
 and why we ended up using Wordpress to update our site.

 To anyone who might say that there doesn't appear to be much discussion on
 this request page, I'd like to say that I found my way here by sheer
 accident. How many more have not found there way here but need this
 functionality for pages?

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