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#33642: Improve default Imagick compression settings
 Reporter:  joemcgill       |       Owner:  joemcgill
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Comment (by joemcgill):

 Replying to [comment:47 markoheijnen]:
 > So I looked over the code and my note would be to move the `strip_meta()
 call` from `thumbnail_image()`. For example currently it doesn't work if
 you only flip an image. Also as mentioned in #28634 I would make
 `strip_meta` public.

 Thanks for the feedback @markoheijnen. Having the `strip_meta()`
 functionality only run when images are resized and not when an image is
 modified in another way was somewhat intentional in that the idea was to
 mimic Imagick's `thumbnailImage()` functionality, which strips metadata
 when the image is resized. While I think it's probably an acceptable
 optimization for most sites that we wouldn't save all the metadata on our
 custom image sizes, I wouldn't want to strip metadata from originals when
 other edits are applied (at least by default).

 I'm not opposed to making it a public function, which is why I initially
 separated it out into its own method originally. I also think there are
 probably enhancements that could be made to the internals of the
 `strip_meta()` method based on the discussion from #28634. I think the key
 question there is to decide which profile types should be protected and we
 should also allow users to filter that list.

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