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Tue Mar 1 00:25:55 UTC 2016

#33755: Add Site Logo to WordPress Core
 Reporter:  fatmedia                             |       Owner:  obenland
     Type:  task (blessed)                       |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal                               |   Milestone:  4.5
Component:  Customize                            |     Version:  trunk
 Severity:  normal                               |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  ux-feedback needs-unit-tests has-    |     Focuses:  ui
  screenshots needs-patch                        |
Changes (by celloexpressions):

 * keywords:  ux-feedback needs-unit-tests has-screenshots => ux-feedback
     needs-unit-tests has-screenshots needs-patch


 Replying to [comment:103 ocean90]:
 > * Is `WP_Site_Logo::preview_enqueue()` still needed? It tries to load a
 script via `plugins_url()`.
 > * Can `_render_site_logo_partial()`be part of `WP_Site_Logo`?
 > * `images/browser.png` should be an absolute URL
 > * I think the `restore_current_blog()` call in `get_the_site_logo()` is
 too early, so `home_url()` and `wp_get_attachment_image()` will return
 stuff for the current site. Not sure if that's intended. A unit test might
 be helpful to check this.
 > * Should "a setting to hide header text" be moved into its own ticket?

 I think all of these things still need follow-up, either here or on their
 own tickets. Also, there are still no unit tests for logos. There seems to
 be very little momentum now that the first pass is in, but there are still
 several rough edges that need to be addressed.

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