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#37466: Add oEmbed support for Office Mix
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Comment (by swissspidy):

 Huh, I think that's the first time I've heard of OfficeMix. Looks like
 their support for oEmbed is fairly new and not even WordPress.com supports
 that provider.

 We have a certain standard for oEmbed providers in core. In order to add a
 new one to the existing whitelist, they must:

 * be well-established, popular, and mainstream services,
 * properly and fully implement the oEmbed specification,
 * and clearly be a trusted provider.

 See https://make.wordpress.org/core/handbook/contribute/design-decisions
 /#whitelisting-oembed-providers for a more complete checklist.

 Not respecting the maxwidth and maxheight parameters is clearly a bummer
 (see also #34737), so it would be good to be able to talk to their

 It's worth noting that OfficeMix embeds kinda already work in WordPress
 thanks to oEmbed discovery and OfficeMix using an `<iframe>`. I only
 encountered a few problems:

 * The iframe tries to add a WebTrends tracking cookie, which it can't
 because of the sandboxing
 * It tries to load some JavaScript which doesn't exist
 * It also runs some deprecated features according to the console log.

 @GunGeekATX Thanks for your patch! Note that the table of oEmbed providers
 would need to be updated as well in the according DocBlock.

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