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#21506: Standard Theme Hooks
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Comment (by Hube2):

 I've been following this for a long time and I think it's dead, even if it
 is a good idea and it's rather sad to me that this has been set to

 After years of experience, the idea of getting theme authors to do things
 in a consistent way is a pipe dream without putting something in core to
 make it consistent. It's been mentioned that this should be done in
 plugins, but without consistent hooks where you need them in the theme you
 can't do anything with a plugin. Child themes become useless if you must
 copy every file in order to add the needed hooks when the theme does not
 include them. Like so many other things I've seen suggested for WP it has
 become nothing more than finger pointing and insisting it the
 responsibility of theme or plugin authors to deal with something that they
 either can't or won't deal with on their own without prodding from core
 changes. I don't think it's a lack of interest in this topic as mentioned
 above. I think it's simply that people are tired of getting little in the
 way of response or seeing little action taken.

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