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Tue Jul 19 12:13:47 UTC 2016

#37231: Allow heading level to be specified when calling `do_meta_boxes()`
 Reporter:  jdgrimes     |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  Future Release
Component:  General      |     Version:  trunk
 Severity:  normal       |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  has-patch    |     Focuses:  ui, accessibility, administration

Comment (by jdgrimes):

 Replying to [comment:4 afercia]:
 > Discussed a bit in today's accessibility weekly meeting. Yep, as a
 general rule core should avoid to output HTML that can't be filtered or
 changed. On the other hand, it's yet one more parameter... Instead of a
 new argument perhaps an `$args` array would be more flexible in the long

 Yes, I had considered that. So I guess we'd make `$args` the fourth
 parameter? Or were you thinking that we'd change the signature to accept a
 single parameter (with back-compat, of course)?

 > Also, maybe the CSS could be simplified and just add a generic
 `#poststuff .hndle`? (haven't tested though).

 I also considered that, but like you say it would need testing. Might be
 worth checking if there are any other rules for `.hndle` that are leaving
 off the heading level. If so, that would seem to me to indicate that we're
 probably OK leaving it off here, too. Though of course that wouldn't be

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