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#39311: New user activation welcome page links to the wrong site
 Reporter:  tmoore41                 |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)             |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                   |   Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Login and Registration   |     Version:  4.7
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 Keywords:  has-patch needs-testing  |     Focuses:  multisite

Comment (by tmoore41):

 Hi @lpstenu

 Thanks for the corrections regarding nomenclature.  I'll try to follow
 your guidelines.

 My comments further down....

 Replying to [comment:9 Ipstenu]:
 > I mentioned this in slack as the issue comes up a lot in this ticket -
 There is no such thing as a "network URL" or "Network Site"
 > There's a Network '''admin''' and a Main/Primary site, but the 'network
 site' doesn't exist. It makes it harder to debug when you call the Main
 Site the network site. And this is not anyone's fault: WP for a long time
 had the main site be the network administration. We don't anymore, and
 it's very important we're clear on where someone is being redirected to,
 as those are very different behaviors.
 > I know I sound pedantic and nit-picky but when reporting bugs, it's
 really important to use the proper terms once you know them. It helps make
 sure we're all talking about the same thing.
 > So to reiterate what's going on:
 > 1. Go to a subsite (ex domain.com/subsite/ or sub.domain.com)
 > 2. Create the user with email confirmation.
 > 3. User gets the activation link
 > The URL at that point is ''not'' the expected subsite URL (ex
 domain.com/subsite/wp-activate.php or sub.domain.com/wp-activate.php)
 > Instead it is domain.com/wp-activate.php

 Yes, this is correct.  I am using sub-domains so it looks like your second
 case of sub.domain.com/wp-activate.php.

 > I did this:
 > I went to my subsite (domain.com/test) and added a new user
 > > Hi,
 > > You've been invited to join 'test' at
 > > http://domain.com/test with the role of Subscriber.
 > > If you do not want to join this site please ignore
 > > this email. This invitation will expire in a few days.
 > >
 > > Please click the following link to activate your user account:
 > > http://domain.com/test/wp-activate.php?key=KEYHERE
 > That's exactly what I expect to see in my email.
 > However it's the rederning of the page that's wrong:
 > > Your account is now active!
 > >
 > > Username: USER
 > >
 > > Password: PASSWORD
 > >
 > > Your account is now activated. Log in or go back to the homepage.
 > The link for login is domain.com/wp-login.php
 > Now when I'm added to a site, which is what this ticket claims we're
 doing (go to a subsite to add the user), WordPress ''properly'' redirects
 me on login to domain.com/test/wp-admin (it's supposed to do that)
 > So I don't see the problem as indicated. I can see it happening if you
 just add the user to the network at domain.com/wp-admin/network/user-
 new.php but that isn't what was reported.

 The problem is that access to domain.com is restricted to register users
 of domain.com.  When you try to access domain.com (or domain.com/wp-
 login.php etc) you will be presented with a login form requesting a
 username and a password.  In my case the subscribers of the sub-sites are
 not subscribers to domain.com, so their username and password will not

 They get stuck on the login page, and try to do things like reset their
 password multiple times.

 To make it worse, there is very little to indicate that they are at the
 wrong site.  The only clue is the URL in the browser location bar, and I
 can't expect new users to figure this out.

 This is not a situation that new users can figure out.

 > > I am using multisite, and I am adding users from within one of the
 child sites, not from the network site.
 > When I add users from the child site, the login link being the main site
 is not an issue, as WP redirects on login to 'My' site.

 Yeah, if only they could get past the login screen on that site it might

 > Question for @tmoore41: Are these NEW users or existing users?

 New users.  Only having access to the sub-site.  Not having access to the
 main site.

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