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#33473: Shortcodes + Widgets + Nav Menus. Unified "component" API (aka Content
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Comment (by folletto):

 > I think we need feature project kickoff to start getting design
 direction and pull together the existing development efforts including the
 Shortcake and JS Widgets plugins.

 Agreed. Even if I appear just now, this is a major topic for me, and I'm
 happy to see discussed here and as focus in SotW too. :)

 I read through this thread, a few other past discussions, and the SotW
 itself, so I'd like to make a summary to see if we are thinking the same
 thing... and if not, let's review until we do. :)

 Technical side—

 1. We need a spec for a shortcode like `[block ...]` or `[widget ...]`
 that can instantiate "widgets" in the editor (I'm a bit vague because I
 don't want to give the impression I'm suggesting a specific technical
 implementation here).
 2. We suggest a unified API that unifies shortcodes and widgets — is there
 a spec for this somewhere already?
 3. We need a way to keep backward compatibility while providing a future
 proof experience
 4. We need matching REST API endpoints (so the widget can be "called" from
 outside the editor).

 Design side—

 1. Shortcodes/Widgets need to show a "preview" UI in the editor
 2. Shortcodes/Widgets need to show a customization UI in the editor
 3. Discovery is fundamental: we need a simple yet extensible "unified" add
 UI to show and filter insertable widgets (this is often overlooked, so I'm
 happy to expand on this).

 ''(the numbers are just for ease of talking about them, i.e. "regarding
 tech-2...", not as a way to prioritize them)''

 Anything missing?
 Anything that I misunderstood?
 Anything that we think should happen later?

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