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#39174: Introduce network roles
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Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 @jeremyfelt summarized my thoughts pretty nicely:

 * Site administrator (one or more sites)
 * Network administrator (one or more networks)
 * Global administrator (full control of WordPress installation)
 * Super Admin (sudo mode, emergency access controlled via global
 $super_admins, etc...)

 In all traditional multisite installations with only 1 network, the last 3
 are effectively all the same thing, since there's only 1 network admin who
 also happens to be the global and super admin for all sites and the 1
 network. When activating multisite, the user doing it automatically is
 granted those special privileges.

 The concept of a "Global administrator" doesn't make much sense until you
 consider the things in WordPress that are truly, truly global that would
 require a global dashboard:

 * Users
 * Sign-ups
 * Registration log
 * Networks

 In other words:
 * Site: `wp-admin`
 * Network : `wp-admin/network`
 * Global: `wp-admin/global`

 Without a global dashboard, the concept of a global administrator starts
 to feel very much like a Super Admin, especially when 99 times out of 100
 there will be no difference.

 In my experience, the major thing to protect is user data.
 * Should site admins be able to edit users? In multisite, the answer is
 * Should network admins be able to edit users? Currently, yes, but I think
 the new answer should be no.
 * Should global admins be able to edit users? When invented, I think yes,
 but behind a capability check.
 * Should super admins be able to edit users? Yes, and delete, and bypass
 all capability checks.

 There's a natural hierarchy with global/network/site roles, also:
 * Site admins have control over the site
 * Network admins have control over the all sites in that network, and the
 network itself
 * Global admins have control over all sites and networks in that
 installation, and the global stuff too
 * Super admins have unfettered access to everything in the system

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