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#32396: Settings Reduction for 4.3
 Reporter:  chriscct7       |       Owner:  chriscct7
     Type:  enhancement     |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal          |   Milestone:  4.3
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Comment (by chriscct7):

 A couple other notes:

 It should be noted one of the nice things this ticket does is let us move
 the front page/blog page setting, one of the most used settings in
 WordPress, to the default settings page (general). This avoid a needless
 click and search for new users.

 The point of removing settings is based on the core philosophy of
 decisions not options. Options used by under, and in many cases well
 under, 1% of users is a severe detriment to the usability of WordPress,
 particularly for new users. Right now, a new user to WordPress has to wade
 through 6 pages of settings, which as demonstrated above, many of which
 they'll never use. By removing ones no one uses we reduce complexity for
 users as well as highlight the settings that actually need to be changed
 for users.

 While I wish we could touch media or discussion settings, to look at
 reducing the number of those, we do not have enough data to do it for 4.3.
 However, we will look at removing the media options page again in 4.4 as
 well as reducing the number of discussion option page settings.

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