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#31470: Add user capability check to WordPress update nag
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Component:  Role/Capability  |     Version:  4.1
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 I'm very, very strongly against this. Three anecdotes:

  * I don't know how many times I've heard from a friend in journalism or
 government, "yeah, our site is out of date." And they know it because of
 this nag. WordPress enters itself into organizations almost never from the
 top. It enters from the bottom and the middle. The people managing their
 site need to get their act together and update it. It's WordPress that's
 empowering these users. It's important for them to still feel empowered.

  * I don't know how many times, whether at a meetup (WP or not), or a
 conference (WP or not), or a coffee shop (Jitterbug or not), I've noticed
 someone in their WordPress dashboard. This nag stands out, and it's a
 great way to help them. In fact, they're usually like "oh yeah I'm just
 scared." And so I push the button with the promise of fixing their site if
 it breaks. Works like a charm, and now suddenly they're never gonna worry
 about pushing that button again.

  * How many people pay someone to set up a WordPress site, and then are
 given an editor account? The person who sets up the site keeps the admin
 account for maintenance reasons. Makes sense; it's common to suggest not
 giving people tools to shoot themselves in the foot (also security etc).
 But what's the first indication that the site is no longer being as
 maintained as it once was? What's going to cause the editor / blogger /
 business owner to ping their guy or gal and say "hey, can you update my
 site?" This nag, right here.

 (Since it was brought up originally: tongue-in-cheek, if I'm buying
 something from a site with WooCommerce, and I get dumped on the dashboard
 and see this nag, which is a bad UX on the site's part by the way, hell
 yeah I want to know if the site is out of date and potentially insecure.)

 I know some of the proposal here is to limit it to certain user roles, but
 I'm sorry, update your damn site, and then the people who have lower roles
 won't see this.

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