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#32678: Audit toolbar links and content
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Comment (by ryan):

 Talking through this out loud while looking at single site on a phone...

 Customize is the impetus for this rework. Let's talk about it. I want
 Customize available from the admin, not just the front-end. Currently, you
 must go through Appearance in the admin menu to get at it. On the front
 end, Customize is available from the toolbar via Dashboard > Customize
 (which I use every time I customize). I don't like Customize in the
 Appearance submenus because I have to dig to get at it and because its an
 outlier among the other Appearance menus. So, if we remove it, where does
 it go? The proposal here is to put it top level in the toolbar. I'm not
 completely sold on that; I'm still waffling. After heavy use during setup,
 Customize use trickles off. Most of the time it will be clutter in what
 should be a tight bar. I think I prefer it in the Dashboard toolbar menu
 as it is now. But then we have Customize and Appearance in the same
 toolbar menu. Further, the Home icon in the admin toolbar doesn't have a
 menu so we can't put Customize in there to accommodate admin views. A
 strike against the Home, Dashboard pairing that I like so much. But, with
 the W menu on phones toggling the admin menu, the new design can't
 accommodate Customize anywhere but on the top-level either. The W menu
 *must* always be the same and match the admin menus for the new design to
 work. Customize would have to be top-level in the admin menus for either
 the existing bar or i9b to work without Customize top-level in the
 toolbar. All new things must be added to top-level? Either top-level admin
 menu or top-level toolbar?

 Walking that path warms me to replacing Home, Dash with a persistent menu,
 although having the top-level of the admin menu follow me around does not
 appeal to me at first blush. I've gotten used to working around its
 baggage. :-) On the up side, a persistent slice of the top level admin
 menu will offer a way to traverse into top-level admin menus without
 having to experience the tap-burning submenus. @folletto noted that above,
 and I appreciate this benefit. The Dashboard menu could be changed to save
 submenu tapburns, however. See some submenus-on-touch talk here:
 network-iphone-6/ and item #4 here:

 > This idea solves both the initial issue (no more discussion on which
 items to include and which not, that gets incredibly simplified) and also
 creates a long-lost consistency between front-end and back-end. Plus
 solves all your flow concerns above.

 That resonates. Any change we do, Customize or something else, is going to
 force these discussions until we make an accommodation in the direction of
 a persistent top-level. But this also resonates.
 I love the way that works and looks. It is lovely to me and would be great
 if the Dashboard menu was fixed. But, it unravels under certain desires.
 Okay, I think I've talked myself into letting go. I'll keep testing. We
 still need vizrecs.

 Aside: Landing #29906 would make exercising both the old and new bars so
 much nicer.

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