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Wed Jun 24 01:22:52 UTC 2015

#31344: Inconsistent terminology on menus panel
 Reporter:  frankieandshadow  |       Owner:  helen
     Type:  enhancement       |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal            |   Milestone:  4.2
Component:  Menus             |     Version:  3.6
 Severity:  normal            |  Resolution:  fixed
 Keywords:  has-patch commit  |     Focuses:  ui

Comment (by designsimply):

 > Neither Custom nor Link(s) seem clear enough for users that don't have
 much WordPress experience.

 Based on testing I've done so far, the longer label "Custom Links" is
 still a little confusing. Maybe it's just links in general that are
 confusing to people who are not experienced with editing content for the
 web and that will always be the case for some regardless of the shorter
 "Links" label versus the longer "Custom Links" one. In the tests, users
 seem to find their way quickly enough but surprisingly sometimes open
 "Custom Links" and then just skip right over it.

 Here is a short highlight reel of clips so far:
 [https://cloudup.com/cggC_WCnyAh 5m39s]
 ^(Note: there are clearly visible bugs in the first few clips which have
 been fixed now, some of these tests are from earlier feature development)^

 From the original description of the problem:

 > So when I said to my client "just add a new Custom menu entry" they
 didn't know what I was talking about.

 This makes total sense if the label was actually "Links" and you told them
 to add a "Custom" entry. :) What you described sounds like a problem with
 the instruction, not with the UI. Had you instructed someone to add a
 link, I don't think they would have had any trouble.

 Anyway, I don't think keeping something the same label as it was in the
 past is necessarily a good argument for forgoing change. I like the idea
 of continuously working to find the clearest, simplest solution, and
 sometimes that turns out to be different from the status quo. I don't feel
 strongly enough about this particular label to ask to change it back
 (yet), so that's why I'm just adding some thoughts here. What I can say is
 that so far in testing, I never saw the "Links" label come up as a blocker
 for anyone. If this comes up again in the future or if it persists as a
 point of confusion in user testing, I will open a separate ticket.

 Cheers, and thanks frankieandshadow and tyxla for adding feedback/patches
 and for being a part of WordPress. :)

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