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Thu Jun 18 07:52:04 UTC 2015

#32698: MediaElementJS should be updated to the latest ersion (2.17.0)
 Reporter:  Fab1en       |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Media        |    Version:  trunk
 Severity:  normal       |   Keywords:
  Focuses:  javascript   |
 Here is the
 changelog] : 2.17.0 (2015/05/30)

  - Reset size method [https://github.com/johndyer/mediaelement/pull/1434
  - Fix HLS video full screen size problem
 [https://github.com/johndyer/mediaelement/pull/1439/files wolfg1969]
  - canPlayAfterSourceSwitchHandler is fired twice
 [https://github.com/johndyer/mediaelement/pull/1441/files karroupa]
  - Fixed error display when source not available
 [https://github.com/johndyer/mediaelement/pull/1442/files karroupa]
  - Avoid an error when there are no controls in the control bar
 [https://github.com/johndyer/mediaelement/pull/1451 Fab1en]
  - Fix errors when not found elements
 [https://github.com/johndyer/mediaelement/pull/1445 dukex]
  - Support ShadowRoot parent
 [https://github.com/johndyer/mediaelement/pull/1465 dukex]
  - Can't initialize MediaElement on a virtual DOM in IE8 and lower.
 [https://github.com/johndyer/mediaelement/pull/1423 dd32]
  - Fix missing </span> tag
 [https://github.com/johndyer/mediaelement/pull/1498) kevnk hhonisch]
  - Add DailyMotion support in Flash
 [https://github.com/johndyer/mediaelement/pulls Fab1en]
  - change (un)mute button title when status changes
 [https://github.com/johndyer/mediaelement/pull/1482 jrglasgow]
  - Bug 1397, Fix for screen reader accessibility of captions (1340)
 [https://github.com/johndyer/mediaelement/pull/1398 nfreear]
  - Fix Speed control when multiple players are present
 [https://github.com/johndyer/mediaelement/pull/1506 LeResKP]

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