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#32544: No function exposes all supported MIME types
 Reporter:  dan.rossiter  |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement   |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Media         |    Version:  4.2.2
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 `wp_get_mime_types()` returns the default WP MIME types, and
 `get_allowed_mime_types()` returns the default WP MIME types + added MIME
 types through the `upload_mimes` filter, but the kicker with the latter is
 that it is filtered based on the currently authenticated user.

 There needs to be a way to retrieve all MIME types supported, both the
 default and the ones added through the `upload_mimes` filter, regardless
 of who is authenticated.

 I understand there are security reasons for not allowing users to *add*
 (or write) attachments of a given MIME type, but when a user is reading
 there needs to be a way to retrieve an unrestricted list of all MIME

 An example use case is below, where all supported MIME types for a service
 are retrieved from its API and then the subset of types that are both
 supported by the WordPress install and the service are kept.

 function get_service_mime_types() {
    // the desired function to get un-sanitized MIME types
    $wp_types = wp_get_all_mime_types();

    // get intersection of WP / service MIME types
    $allowed = array_intersect($wp_types, get_service_mime_types());
    $allowed = array_keys($allowed);

    return $allowed;

 As a work-around, I'm currently using the following, but it's flawed -- if
 a custom MIME type is added conditionally by user type, it won't be
 included which is not the desired behavior.

 `array_merge(wp_get_mime_types(), get_allowed_mime_types())`

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