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#22661: Allow object caches to degrade gracefully
 Reporter:  markjaquith   |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)  |      Status:  reopened
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Comment (by jipmoors):

 If you use an ''object-cache.php'' (or advanced-cache.php) without the
 ''wp_cache_init'' function then the wp_using_ext_object_cache would remain
 '''false''' and you can attach to the filters and have the core
 ''cache.php'' being loaded. Which in turn calls the apply_filters.

 So without any modifications in file loading you can move forward by just
 enabling the apply_filters in all the cache.php functions.

 The only note with this is that ''first_init'' would be called every time.
 Which is actually a good thing, because we need the WP_Object_Cache to be
 instantized to provide fallback functionality.

 I see some ways of combating this problem:
 1. (favorable) Check for a ''define'' or ''function'' to verify a filter
 implementation is present
 2. Using a new file to check against for cache implementation via filters

 Adding to that the notion of writing unit-tests on the public functions of
 the Cache API instead of the class would make even more sense.

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