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#31093: Make $tag argument optional for has_shortcode()
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Changes (by tyxla):

 * keywords:  needs-patch => has-patch dev-feedback 2nd-opinion


 Not sure if that makes sense, or if it is necessary at all.

 My point is, if a function would check for any shortcodes within the
 content, it would make more sense if a new function
 `contains_shortcodes()` is created for that purpose. Mainly because
 `has_shortcode()` would do totally different things in the two cases (with
 and without a parameter). And the function name would make more sense

 Also, I believe a function for checking whether there are any shortcodes
 is not necessary. It is quick enough to check the original string against
 the result of `strip_shortcodes()` over the string. Something like this:

 $original_content = 'some content that might have [shortcodes]';
 $stripped_content = strip_shortcodes($original_content);

 if ( $original_content === $stripped_content ) {
     echo 'There are no shortcodes within the content.';
 } else {
     echo 'There are one or more shortcodes within the content.';

 Of course, a built-in function for this can turn out handy for developers.
 Attaching a patch here (
 https://core.trac.wordpress.org/attachment/ticket/31093/31093.patch ) in
 case the core committer team decide to include it. Tests included.

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