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#21195: get_avatar_url
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     Type:  feature request  |      Status:  reopened
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Component:  General          |     Version:  2.5
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Comment (by nacin):

 Replying to [comment:59 valendesigns]:
 > When viewing `options-discussion.php` all generated avatars are replaced
 with your personal avatar. Patch [attachment:21195.16.diff] fixes this by
 using the new `$args` array and setting `force_default` to `true`.

 Why did the existing code break? `preg_replace("/src='(.+?)'/",
 "src='\$1&forcedefault=1'", $avatar);`

 > I also removed some filters that were added to force avatars to display
 on `options-discussion.php` and replaced them by setting the
 `force_display` option to `true`.

 One problem with the approach we have here is there's no real way of
 knowing if these arguments work for get_avatar().

 I'm thinking about an alternate approach that looks something like this:
 function wp_get_avatar( ... ) {
     if ( defined( 'PLUGGED_GET_AVATAR' ) && empty(
 $args['force_core_function'] ) ) {
         return get_avatar( ... );
     // else, the rest of the function

 # pluggable-deprecated.php
 if ( function_exists( 'get_avatar' ) ) {
     define( 'PLUGGED_GET_AVATAR', true );
     _deprecated_function( 'get_avatar', ... ); // optional. need to pass a
 message of some sort.
 } else {
     function get_avatar( ... ) {
         return wp_get_avatar();

 That way we can finally banish get_avatar(), use wp_get_avatar()
 everywhere in core, force it to use core functionality when we need it,
 but not break anything overriding get_avatar() deliberately. We could
 possibly use this as a template for deprecating, eventually, all pluggable
 functions. Any thoughts here?

 > Unfortunately, another side effect of the newly implemented `get_avatar`
 means that the Mr. WordPress avatar is no longer showing in comments on
 the front end because it does not have an email address attached to the
 comment. That was not the behavior previously and we should fix this

 Indeed, this is broken.

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