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#30967: $fallback in sanitize_html_class() is not sanitized
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 When looking at the source for the {{{sanitize_html_class()}}} function I
 just noticed that the $fallback variable is not being sanitized. Here's an

 {{{sanitize_html_class( "*!?", "This can't be valid!?" );}}}

 In this example the $class variable will be empty after sanitizing and the
 $fallback variable will be returned '''as is'''. So {{{This can't be
 valid!?}}} would be returned which is definitely not a valid CSS class.


 I think that (if needed) the $fallback variable should equally be
 sanitized by either '''repeating''' the {{{preg_replace}}} calls or by
 '''recursively''' calling {{{sanitize_html_class()}}} passing $fallback as
 $class and leaving $fallback empty (while of course making sure to prevent
 infinite loops).
 For performance reasons the first option might be better because any
 functions hooked to the {{{sanitize_html_class}}} filter would always be
 run only once.

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