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#27111: Turning off global comments should include existing content
 Reporter:  jenmylo      |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  Future Release
Component:  Comments     |     Version:  3.9
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 Keywords:  has-patch    |     Focuses:  administration

Comment (by mor10):

 We've discussed this at length in the #core-flow NUX group and there is
 strong consensus that a toggle switch for turning comments hard on and off
 is needed for new users. Currently there is no clear way for a new user to
 simply say "I don't want any comments on my site at all". That is

 I agree with all of Nacin's points above, but I don't see an inherent
 conflict between a global on/off switch and any of the scenarios outlined.
 In my mind this global switch would sit at a higher level and simply
 either block all commenting functionality, past and future, or open the
 options for further detail control. It should not change the status of any
 existing posts but rather block the ability to add comments at a higher

 This of course begs the question if disabling comments means actively
 hiding all previous comments as well as disabling the comment submission
 form. I'm inclined to say yes. The user need seems to be a simple method
 for not having comments at all. If they want to be nitpicky about which
 posts/pages have comments or not they are not looking for a global disable
 but rather detailed control which is what we have now.

 And yes, this might be a bit OT for this ticket. If so let me know and
 I'll create a new one.

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