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#11895: Allow more specific image size editing
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Changes (by bradt):

 * keywords:  has-patch => has-patch dev-feedback ui-feedback


 I've taken a first crack at this.

 Because `add_image_size()` doesn't require labels (like
 `register_post_type()` for example), the `image_size_names_choose` filter
 is used elsewhere in core to get labels for custom image sizes. For
 example, the form to insert an image into a post uses it to build a drop
 down of the available image sizes you can insert into a post. I've used
 this `image_size_names_choose` filter here.

 Adding your own filter, you can enable your custom image  sizes to be in
 the list. For example, if you had a custom image size named "homepage-
 thumb", you could add it to the list of checkboxes with the following:

 add_filter( 'image_size_names_choose', function( $names ) {
         $names['homepage-thumb'] = __( 'Homepage Thumbnail', 'your-domain'
         return $names;
 } );

 Of course, this filter would also make "Homepage Thumbnail" show up in the
 drop down when inserting an image into a post, which you may not want. So
 we should probably have our own filter here to define the labels for
 editing images.

 Also, if you don't define a filter for your custom image size, they won't
 appear in the checkbox list and so won't be editable.

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