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#31387: New core API for adding Meta tags to the header
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 Ignoring the implementation for the moment (which @nacin has some opinions
 on... ;-) ) I think we need to look at this from the perspective of the
 problems we’re trying to solve.

 * How to do allow a single plugin to be the authority for a particular set
 of meta tags?
 * How do we define a group of related meta tags, or related groups? (i.e.,
 there is overlap between OG and TwitterCard tags, but neither is a 100%
 subset of the other.)
 * If a plugin provides a certain set of meta tags (say, a plugin providing
 OG tags), how do we allow another plugin to selectively override some of
 those tags (say, Jetpack providing Photon support for `og:image`)?
 * How do we define which tags there can only be one copy of, and those
 that can have multiple instances?
 * Do we need to care about other header tags?
 * What about different tags with the same or similar meaning? Ie, `<meta
 name=“author”>` vs `<link rel=“author”>`, or whatever the next dominant
 search engine decides will be the canonical way to identify authorship?

 And regarding implementation:

 * How do we keep this backwards compatible, with plugins that will update
 to using this new method, with plugins that won’t, and with themes that
 may never be updated?
 * How do we do all this, while keeping the public API simple to use?

 My primary concern is that a lightweight framework will suffer from the
 same problems we currently have, where a more complex framework won't be
 lightweight any more.

 I'd also really like to see some more specific use cases - I haven't hit
 this problem before, so I'm running on a lot of speculation and guessing.

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