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#31256: best testosterone booster
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 During cool down, your heart rate returns to its pre-exercise level and
 the stretching exercises help remove lactic acid from the muscles, helping
 to minimize stiffness. Warm up stretches you should aim to stretch all of
 the muscle groups relevant to your workout, holding each stretch for 20-30
 seconds: For example before running it would be wise to stretch the calf
 and thigh muscles. Calf muscle stretch: Stand between 12-24″ from the wall
 with outstretched arms against the wall and feet hip width apart. Bend one
 leg and move the foot of the other leg back until that leg is straight.
 Press down gently with the heel of the back foot to stretch the calf
 muscle. Hamstring stretch back of thigh Stand with feet hip width apart
 and place one foot slightly in front of the other. With feet flat on the
 floor, bend the knee of the back leg while pressing hands down gently on
 the thigh of the front leg, keeping this leg straight. Keeping the heel on
 the floor, raise and lower the toes of the forward foot. Quadriceps
 stretch (front of thigh): Stand on one leg with
 [http://www.optimalstackfacts.org/t-level-boost/ T Level Boost] the other
 leg bent at the knee. Hold the foot of the bent leg and gently ease it
 towards your bottom until you feel a stretch in the front of the thigh.
 You may need to steady yourself with the other hand against the wall. Cool
 down stretches Calf muscles may be stretched by standing on a raised
 platform (egg a block or low step) with your heels hanging over the


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