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#33535: Comments for pages turned off by default
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 Most of the time I really don't care how are you changing WordPress as it
 doesn't bothers me at all (read: changes are good). But at some point
 everyone find something which is not good for them. In my example details
 like removing turned on comments for pages by default annoys me like hell.

 For god sake you have options why don't you make use of it? Why do you
 force users with solutions which with not everyone will be happy?

 In options you can tick on "Allow users to comment on new articles" (or
 something like that). You could just add new field with "Allow users to
 comment on new pages" and have them choose whether they want turned on
 comments by default on article and pages or not. Was it so hard to make
 that? Next time you remove some features think: Does removing this will be
 usefule for everyone? Does noone use it?

 My site is based on pages not articles so this option is essential for me
 as I will forget about that little detail to tick on next time I create
 page and many more times.


 Allow users to decide whether they want turned off/on comments on pages
 and articles by adding in options additional field "Allow users to comment
 on new pages". That way all users will be happy.

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