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#33297: Various typos and punctuation errors in wp/admin/edit-form-advanced.php -
help tab.
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Comment (by sjmur):

 Replying to [comment:10 timph]:
 > I agree with @netweb on the verbiage after rereading this again, but it
 would lead me back to the point I was attempting to make - that it could
 be worded better.  If it takes a group of people rereading it several
 times for comprehension, then it's probably not conveying the message it
 should in the best possible way.
 > The section "the Screen Options tab" seems more apparent now that it's
 meant to be more of a parenthetical expression. It mislead me when reading
 it from a contextual point of view without actually paying attention to
 what was being said.  It's like a list of adverb phrases with a
 parenthetical expression interrupting it.  From just a 'style' standpoint
 - I'd usually say to try to use some -'s as they are a more forceful way
 to separate out a parenthetical expression in the middle of a list.
 Overuse of commas can be confusing to those who use automated readers that
 might have extended pauses in between each comma thinking it's a list -
 much as I did!
 > Original:
 > Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease   55.3 - Grade Level 14.2
 > Creating a Page is very similar to creating a Post, and the screens can
 be customized in the same way using drag and drop, the Screen Options tab,
 and expanding/collapsing boxes as you choose.
 > Revised:
 > Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease 71.6    - Grade Level 7.2:
 > Creating a Page is very similar to creating a Post. You can use the
 Screen Options tab to customize the screens using drag and drop, and
 expanding/collapsing them as you choose.
 > Flesch-Kincaid tests, while not overly accurate, are a good reference
 point - at the very least.  A general target audience should fall below
 grade level 8 to be considered easy to read to the vast majority.

 Interesting take on this. As someone on the outside looking in I would
 have to agree that the original script had myself puzzled on the first
 read. The 2nd take is my preference and has my vote to be added. It's far
 easier to understand and for the broad audience we support, it is the best
 solution, in my opinion.

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