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#18003: On the Credits page, add Male/Female tags for each person, for use in
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 Well, now that this is a little more relevant (not by much, though) - I
 don't think it's possible for this not to be "political" in that this
 inherently means that WP the project would be requiring the assignment of
 or explicit opt-out from declaring a human characteristic. Whatever your
 own take is on gender labels and identification, I don't think that it's a
 good idea for WP to do something like add this to your .org profile, and
 the minefield this would put us in far outweighs whatever small benefit
 might be derived from having gendered labels. Also, assuming that people
 would be able to opt-out since that would be a proper option to have,
 languages would still have to come up with some kind of neutral term.

 To be frank, I already stick out enough. Maybe there will be a day where
 that's not the case, but it's not today. I don't need my title to add to
 that, and right now I'm the only person this applies to. The next person I
 could see this applying to also does not want to see gender definitions or
 gendered translations. I will continue to ask each person this might apply
 to as time goes on, but this is a wontfix as far as I can see it.

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