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#28303: How to handle default/formal translations for automatic upgrades?
 Reporter:  zodiac1978                    |       Owner:  ocean90
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Comment (by markoheijnen):

 Replying to [comment:34 ocean90]:
 > Replying to [comment:31 markoheijnen]:
 > > Currently the implementation lacks detection if de_DE_formal is de_DE.
 > Can you explain this? Why should de_DE_formal be de_DE?
 Because that is the language. And then _formal says something how it is
 written. Why not storing it as two values?
 > > It does break backwards compatibility even though it's purely styling.
 When writing content you will not write it in informal and formal but
 maybe that is different in Germany.
 > What do you mean by "styling"? I'm managing a lot of business sites
 where WordPress *and* the content is formal. But not sure why this should
 be specific to German.
 With styling I mean CSS as what you changed in [33027]. I have seen
 plugins doing things like that too.

 > > So for a plugin like Babble de_DE would be enough in this case.
 > Maybe, but this needs to be handled by Babble. Babble doesn't need to
 support each language if the developers think that some can be ignored.
 It's not about ignoring a language but that it's the "same". Someone will
 only write a post in de_DE and that can still be formal.
 > > My opinion is that formal German is a writing style purely because
 it's still the same German as de_DE but more formal.
 > It's still a variant and that's what this ticket is about.
 > > Because of that I believe it is hacking locales. BCP47 is about the
 length of a the locale.
 > BCP 47 is about '''Tags for Identifying Languages''' and is referenced
 by the W3C for the `lang` attribute, see
 > This ticket isn't primary about formal vs informal. It's about
 supporting ~70 variant subtags.
 I get the possibilities of this ticket but still this ticket is about
 formal vs informal since that is what the title/description is saying.

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