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#33381: Strategize the updating of minimum PHP version.
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Comment (by alexander.rohmann):

 > There's no point in talking about when, an if, or a how until there's a
 How about these for why?

 1. Security. Updating could pre-empt a situation similar to the heartbleed
 exploit. PHP has no responsibility to keeping the current version secure.
 You're so concerned about users, but they're all screwed if this happens
 and that's a huge blemish on WordPress.
 2. Longevity. Generally speaking, the farther you lag behind the harder it
 is to catchup.
 3. Ostracizing developers, who are getting more and more frustrated. It's
 difficult for plugins to integrate with services these days. Vendor
 libraries for their APIs follow modern PHP development. This leaves us to
 develop our own library to interface with an API if we want to comply with

 > There by the way is already a mechanism in WordPress and WordPress.org
 that is being used to not serve new major versions to unsupported PHP
 installs, so there's no need for a discussion on implementation of that;
 it already exists, and is already in use.
 That's great. So in theory WordPress can already bump the restriction with
 a major release, and '''nothing breaks'''? How novel...

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