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#33381: Strategize the updating of minimum PHP version.
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Comment (by jdgrimes):

 Replying to [comment:36 stracker.phil]:
 > Replying to [comment:30 pento]:
 > > We tried setting a date years ago, back when we dropped PHP 4 support.
 All it resulted in was people's sites being broken, it didn't hurry the
 transition to PHP 5.
 > > ... because we're not in the business of breaking millions of sites on
 a whim.
 > This is the reason why we suggest to ''discontinue automatic updates''
 of unsupported versions.
 > So if someone has a php version that is not supported he will stick with
 an outdated version of WordPress, without a possibility to auto-update.

 I think it is a good point that we're not actually asking for any sites to
 get broken. WordPress should just refuse to update if the PHP version
 isn't supported.

 However, I'm all for continuing to supply automatic security updates for
 old versions of WordPress. The updates would be compatible with whatever
 versions of PHP were supported when that version of WordPress was
 released. If we stop supplying automatic updates we leave users in a much
 less secure position, instead of improving the security of their site.

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