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#33381: Strategize the updating of minimum PHP version.
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Comment (by markoheijnen):

 To me this is a users problem on the first place but that's to easy to
 say. If you say hosts should update then there is a problem since most
 hosts are already supporting 5.6 or 5.5. They simply can't just kill old
 versions as @jdgrimes said in one of his comments. Hosts also play the
 long game like WordPress does for the exact same reason: No breakage for
 their users.
 So it's up to the user to update the PHP version of their account or sites
 (depending how the host work).  The big problem then is to make them
 understand why and how they can do the update themselves. When then the
 percentage of for example PHP 5.2 drops then it's easier for hosts and
 WordPress to kill it.

 What WordPress can and must do is to to scan the plugin/theme directories
 for plugins using things that will break when running PHP 5.5 and later.
 So they can show to the outside that nothing can break when moving to the
 latest PHP version. I already have seen enough breakage that this can
 become a serious issue.

 Setting the date is something that needs to be done together with host.
 WordPress isn't really a big party in this. People can believe that
 WordPress can push them but they can't. They can use
 https://wordpress.org/hosting/ to push ("blackmail") hosts but that only
 work for a few of them. Weirdly to say but WordPress is to small for it.
 If there is a good way for hosts to tackle their increase in support
 (fixing sites) then making the push will become easier. Depending on the
 host this can be really tricky since you probably do need some development

 This all said, I'm more then happy to work with the hosts in Europe on
 this and other systems out there to see how we can all combine our power
 to make the push.

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