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#33381: Strategize the updating of minimum PHP version.
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Comment (by jdgrimes):

 Replying to [comment:17 stracker.phil]:
 >  > The hosts will actually have to force users to update the PHP
 versions they are running
 > Well, actually we clarified above that most users cannot update PHP
 because it's up to the host ;)
 > My host for example swiches my PHP version automatically once a year; I
 can downgrade to 1 previous version for a limited time. That's a good
 strategy in my eyes.
 > I don't like to ackowledge the point, that users do not know what PHP is
 and should not be confronted with it. If they run a website they should be
 literate enough to understand - or if they really don't know then they
 usually did not set up the site alone and have a web developer who
 maintains their website and knows about this stuff.
 > After all setting up a WordPress site is not like making a phone call;
 it's something that needs a little bit of expertise and commitment.
 > You need to take your car to maintenance once a year (I have no idea how
 my car works), we need to go to health-checks regulary (I have no idea how
 my bod/the medication works), when the fridge is broken you call a
 technican, and so on... you get my point, right? it's: When PHP is needs
 an update you email your host ;)

 I think these are valid arguments. I think maybe it comes down to the
 difference between what a user probably ''should'' know, and what they
 actually do know. I really can't say that I have any experience there, so
 I'll let those who do respond. Maybe @ipstenu or others who are on the
 support forums a lot would have some idea of how an average user would
 respond to a notice about outdated PHP.
 > Besides that opinion I'll instantly sign your 5-step proposal!
 > For point 4: Let's suggest a date and see if they comply? "We want to
 get this done until Jan 2017. You will get a last reminder 6 months before
 we switch so you have plenty of time to react or get in touch with us in
 case this does not work for you"

 Yeah, something like that would be good.

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